Congress venue

The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
will host the IUSTI Europe Congress in 2020.

Building the colossal Parliament Palace (formerly known as the People's Palace) it took 20,000 workers and 700 architects.

The Palace measures 275m by 235m, 86m high, and 92m underground. It has 1,100 rooms, 2 underground parking garages and is 12 stories high, with four additional underground levels including an enormous nuclear bunker. Total area of 365,000 sqm.

The Palace of Parliament it is the world's second-largest office building in surface (after the Pentagon) and the third largest in volume (after Cape Canaveral in the U.S. and the Great Pyramid in Egypt).

When construction started in 1984, the dictator intended it to be the headquarters of his government. Today, it houses Romania's Parliament and serves as an international conference centre. Built and furnished exclusively with Romanian materials, the building reflects the work of the country's best artisans.

How to get to the Palace of Parliament

Public transportation in Bucharest: Bucharest's public transport system is the largest in Romania and one of the largest in Europe. Navigating Bucharest by public transport is very easy, as the Romanian capital is served by a modern underground connecting all the places for public interest, a vast bus network, trolleybuses and trams. In addition, there is a private minibus system.

Taxis are inexpensive compared to other European capitals. Attention should be paid to choosing a registered cab. These have the company name, telephone and pricing marked on their doors.

Shuttle buses for groups can be provided on request.

From Henri Coandă International Airport

If you want to take the Express BUS Line 783 from the Airport Otopeni Henri Coanda to the city, stop at Piata Unirii. The Palace of Parliament is 10 minutes walking distance from Piata Unirii (Unirii Square). If you prefer to use the Metro , from Piata Unirii, take METRO M1 (yellow line) to terminus Dristor 2 and stop at Izvor Station (first stop).

The bus stop is downstairs, in front of Domestic Arrivals Entrance (from International Arrivals, take the stairs, follow the signs to get to Domestic Arrivals and then exit) or follow the yellow Bus signs. There is a kiosk/ machine where you can buy tickets, the driver don't sell tickets. Price for a 2 way ticket is 7 RON but prices can change without prior notice.

Taxis are also available at the airport - There are many taxis waiting in front of the airport.
In order to call a taxi, place your order using the special machines you will find in the arrival terminal.

The distance between the “Henri Coanda” Airport and the Palace of Parliament is around 25 km.

Estimated time for transfer to any hotel in the city centre is about 40 minutes. Estimated cost €15.

From train station Gara de Nord

Take METRO M1 (yellow line) to terminus Republica and stop at Izvor Station. The Palace of the Parliament is 300 meters away.